Warm, filled bagels are perfect for school menus.

  • They’re in demand – When we surveyed 50 generation Z respondents we found out that they love bagels! Bagels were the number 1 bread chosen at breakfast, followed by baguettes, croissants, rolls then wraps.
  • They’re versatile – Best served toasted or warmed, they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or a break time snack. They’re delicious topped or filled with sweet or savoury ingredients and they’re suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • They’re easy to use – Our plain and multigrain bagels are now pre-sliced for convenience.
  • They’re the ideal carrier to go – Their smooth outer crust and soft chewy middle means they hold well when filled and held a hot cabinet, retaining their texture and not going soggy.

Download our bagel recipe ideas for schools here.

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