New York inspired buns launching March 2019

Inspired by New York’s love of fun and indulgent food, we’ve developed new buns with a difference to add value to the sandwich and burger carrier category.

Consumers are increasingly choosing something different when they eat out; it can be to try a new dish or flavour on a menu or because something looks different and grabs their attention. Our new buns have been developed to help operators create new sandwiches and burgers with carriers that can add something different to their offer.


Cheese topped bun and Cheese and bacon topped bun

Our consumer research highlights the importance of visuals in the sandwich carrier category, the majority choose breads with seeded or cheese toppings when eating out of home.* The new topped buns in our range are perfect for burgers and sandwich fillings and ideal for QSRs, coffee shops, pubs, universities, casual dining and food-to-go outlets.

What consumers said**

–          3 in 5 customers would choose a cheese topped burger bun out of home

–          50% liked or extremely liked the topped buns

–          Cheese topped bun was 2nd preferred sandwich carrier after baguettes


Star shaped bun

Perfect for kid’s menus and festive offers our star shaped bun is ideal for QSRs, coffee shops, pubs, casual dining and food to go outlets. It’s also school compliant so it’s a great fun addition to school menus.

What consumers said** 

–          Consumers saw it as perfect for a kid’s menu (74%) but also thought it would be a good Christmas special (58%)

–          63% of consumers liked or extremely liked the taste of the Star Bun

–          Over 50% of consumers gave Star Bun top marks for shape and likeability

Click on the products to see the usage instructions, ingredients and nutritional information.

We’ll be sampling the buns at the Casual Dining Show on 27th and 28th February and they’ll be available to order from Bidfood in March. Find out more about our stand here.

To order samples contact us at [email protected]

*Surveys conducted with 500 consumers by Good Sense Research 2017.

**Tastings with 25 consumers by Good Sense Research 2018.

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